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We all share a common desire to keep our young soccer players healthy as they grow up with the game they love. It is public knowledge that injuries are part of sports, but our aim is to train our athletes in such a way as to try and build their bodies to prevent some of these injuries.

South West Health Spine & Sport is teaming up with Strikers FC Orange County to take injury prevention in female youth soccer to the next level. We are going to be rolling out the FIFA 11+ injury prevention program to the first club in Southern California and are very excited about helping mitigate injuries to the lower extremities in youth soccer. Check out the article on here  Prevent youth soccer injuries 

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The Senior National Games are coming to Atlanta in June of 2017 and our very own Ken St. Cyr is competing in his last few competitions in preparation for Atlanta. Pole vault is like most Olympic events in that in requires speed, technique and strength. Add in age and you have a whole new set of challenges to overcome.

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Influence of Posture-Cuing Shirt on Tennis Serve Kinematics in Division III Tennis Players

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Joseph Zappala, DC, DACBSP®, a Carolina Orrego, DC, b Emily Boe, DPT, c Heather Fechner, DPT, c

Derek Salminen, DPT, c and Daniel J. Cipriani, PhDd


Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of a posture-cuing shirt on internal rotation

velocity of the shoulder during a tennis swing and to determine this influence on shoulder external rotation position.

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Defenders head the ball more than players in any other positions on the soccer field so it stands to reason they are in the firing line when it comes to dealing with the consequences of concussions.

In recent months, huge strides have been made in restricting heading among young children playing in Cal South and across the United States as a result of a safety campaign I have been advocating for years.

Now attention is turning to the ways in which we handle concussions, not just in soccer but in all sports.

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6 Most Effective Plyometric Exercises for Goalkeepers

Goalkeeping training has some unique challenges that are effectively met by plyometrics.

Leaping laterally across the goal from a standing start needs an explosive speed and power unparalleled by outfield players. Goalkeepers often have to change direction on a dime and react instantly to a shot.

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Do you think you have sciatica? Chances are if you have pain, numbness or tingling in one or both of your legs, you have Googled sciatica. The truth is that a group of symptoms may seem like sciatica, but may actually be something else. For example, Piriformis Syndrome can give you numbness, tingling and or pain down your legs and is not a back condition. IT band syndrome can create radiating pain down your leg as well. This is a condition, where weakness in the lateral hip stabilizers cause an overload on the small IT band muscle and the IT band itself. Vascular problems can also cause leg symptoms, so it is extremely important to engage a good diagnostician when it comes to determining the cause of your sciatic symptoms, as all of these conditions, while having similar symptoms are treated very differently.

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whole body cryotherapy thumb33The Cold & The Beautiful
It’s on a recent night, and Steven Evans, 38, a dapper British investment banker clad in an open robe, gray Tommy Hilfiger briefs, midcalf tube socks and wooden-soled clogs, stands in a sterile Midtown waiting room. He fidgets alongside his pal, a nervous-looking Alex Silver, 39, until their names are called and they’re led into a closet-size room.

Within seconds, Evans’ screams can be heard through the closed door.

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We feature Rock Tape® at South Westh Health Spine & Sport and are going to start sharing instructional videos on how to use Foam rollers and balls to perform self myofascial release at home. These techniques are very beneficial as a complimentary treatment to the work we do here with you in the office. The first one features the IT band. 3 most common sports injuries

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glute activation

These words have been all over the  news this week with former world number one Tiger Woods, claiming that “his glutes would not activate” as the reason for withdrawing from the PGA tour event at Torrey Pines this past weekend. I don't think this girl has that problem. More on that later.

Activation of a muscle essentially means the ability to fire or contract that muscle. In the case of the glutes, this becomes a very important issue as they hip musculature is one of the most important components of your core. It is part of what we call the posterior chain.

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The first tee at Bandon Dunes 2014 World Speed Golf Championships.

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tennis-elbowTennis elbow anyone? Patients often come in to see me complaining of tennis elbow. There are several easy things to look for regarding your racquet that may be contributing to your elbow pain. I must first point out that being out of position to hit the ball is one of the most common reasons people develop tennis elbow in the first place. This will be the topic of a future post. Read on to learn the simple steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of preventing tennis elbow and or treating it in the early stages.

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chiropractorimageHow do you know if the chiropractor you are going to is good? My patients frequently ask me about how to find a good chiropractor when they are traveling or when they move to a new city. The following article is re-published from a fellow sports medicine chiropractor  and nutrition guru, Dr. Doug Anderson. He offers some excellent advise about what to avoid and what to look for. Follow these simple steps and you will be in good hands.

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 Tendon injuries can occur slowly over time or can occur all at once during an acute episode. They are frustrating injuries and do not tend to heal well on their own. This is due to the poor blood supply that tendons have. We have several options to facilitate tendon healing and shockwave therapy which dramatically improves blood flow and helps heal the tendon.

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Low Back Pain DiagnosisIf you are suffering from chronic low back pain and have not found a solution, keep reading.

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Dr. Zappala is a member of the National Concussion Registry and is uniquely qualified to diagnose and manage concussions both in the field and in office. He is also well versed in RTP (Return to play) protocols and can guide you back to sport safely and efficiently.

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Charlotte Drury
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Charlotte Drury of Laguna Niguel, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics, won the women’s trampoline gold medal at the International Gymnastics Federation’s 2014 World Cup at the Palace of Sports in Minsk, Belarus. Drury is the first U.S. woman to win a World Cup trampoline gold medal since the discipline joined USA Gymnastics in 1999.

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Plantar Faciitis

Too often, people start researching arch or heel- pain on the internet and get the self diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. If your ankle is not moving...

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The player is 17 years of age and related that he felt a "pop" in his right hip when he was running track in eighth grade. That was four years ago...

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