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Massage Therapy

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage releases chronic patterns of tension in the body by targeting the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue through focused slower strokes and firm pressure. Increased hydration is always recommended in order to help the body eliminate debris often released from deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is designed to give relief to the special needs of the mother to be. Enjoy a comforting and soothing experience during this period of change, Relieve weight-bearing tension, increase circulation and reduce swelling while relaxing yourself and your baby too.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy benefits all enthusiasts from week-end warriors to professional athletes. Designed to speed recovery and help prevent soft tissue damage, sports massage therapy helps to obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning with less chance of injury or pain by increasing flexibility. This massage is tailored to the athlete's needs and is recommended pre and post competition.

Swedish Massage

A classic massage style using firm but gentle pressure, long strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of soft tissue. Swedish massage improves circulation, eases muscle aches and tension, improves flexibility and can bring a sense of overall well-being to the patient.

Trigger  Point Therapy

Trigger points are hyperirritable fibers in muscle tissue and are often the cause of chronic muscular pain. Our expertly trained Neuromuscular Therapist will identify trigger points and address them individually. Static, deep pressure is used to reset the neuromuscular junction and increase range of motion. Therapist will educate the client regarding activities that may perpetuate the dysfunction (mechanical, nutritional and metabolic insufficiencies).

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