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Concussion Management

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If you suspect that you have a concussion, pull yourself from the competition, seek medical attention and get evaluated. If it is determined that you have suffered a concussion, you should immediately practice cognitive rest. That means no cell phone, limit all screen time and no exercise for the first 48 hours.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury altering brain functions typically for a temporary amount of time. 

How does a concussion occur?

A concussion can occur from any hit to the body or head. A concussion typically occurs when a forceful blow results in rapid head movement leading to brain function alterations.

Signs and Symptoms of a concussion can include (can occur immediately or hours later):

- Headache

- Dizziness, lightheaded

- Nausea, vomiting

- Dazed, glazed appearance

- Lack of coordination or balance

- Feeling of being in a fog

- Emotional changes (e.g., both happy and sad)

- Amnesia (memory loss either after the event and/or prior to the     event)

- Slowed response time (verbal or physical)

- Disorientation, confusion

- Altered vision (e.g., blurry vision or double vision)

- Dilated or unequal pupils

- Sensitivity to light

- Auditory changes (e.g., sensitivity to sound, ringing in the ears)

- Difficulty concentrating, recalling information

What should I do if I suspect I, or someone else, have sustained a concussion?

Stop activity, tell someone, and seek further medical attention.

When can I return to competition?

You may return to competition once you have provided a note from a physician clearing you for full participation.  It is your responsibility to provide this physician note from a MD, DO, or sports medicine chiropractor. Your Athletic Trainer cannot clear you for participation. If any symptoms return, it is important that you notify a health care professional for further care.

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